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April 14
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On April 14, 2004, the monthly club meeting hosted Calvina L. Fay as Guest Speaker. Ms. Fay is the Executive Director the Drug Free America Foundation Inc.  Prior to Calvina's substantive discourse, packed with interesting studies and revelations, the meeting commenced with the invocation and pledge of allegiance led by Reverend Martin Rainey.   accompanied by President, Gail Hebert and Bill Peterson.



Additionally, Tim Glassburner, Candidate for Pinellas County Sheriff, was invited to the podium to discuss his qualifications and platform for that office.



Ms. Fay's comments and revelations on opposing party candidates acceptance of contributions for advocating  the legalization or decriminalization or  drug usage was stunning to all in attendance.  Under a so called banner of "responsibly drug use" by adults proponents even suggest" she noted.  "the establishment of safe houses free from legal interdiction and prosecution"

And with that revelation many in the audience had more than an eye brow raised.  She continued with the  disclosure of specific people with mega bucks who continue  plowing funds into the election for the expressed purpose of derailing President Bush's reelection.  Apparently, our Presidents values, integrity and opposition to legalizing drugs is putting flies in the ointment and keeping mega bucks people from increasing wealth and power.   As we all know, anyone with the slightest proclivity toward substance abuse will rush to join the proponents. So getting out the word, knowing the downside not forgetting the lessons of the Chinese Opium war with Britain, the havoc, the destruction  that that drug policy generated, is important. For additional information contact Ms Fay  email  Photo provided by Ms. Fay of just one mega bucks personality lurking in the mist.







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